PEMF Pain Treatments

Pemf effective pain treatments

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) have been widely used for therapeutic treatments including those for bone growth, wound healing, depression, nerve and muscle pain relief, and the regeneration of musculoskeletal tissue (i.e., cartilage, tendons, and ligaments).

PEMF reduces pain by

Enhancing the contraction and expansion of cells
Improving circulation of blood oxygen and nutrients to cells resulting in reducing edema
Detoxifying and regeneration of damaged cells
Improving muscle function, bone healing, and repairs bones and tendons
Reducing stress and inflammation
Maintaining the body’s natural magnetic field

PEMF therapy delivers low-level electro magnetic radiation bursts to stimulate cells. While these electro magnetic levels are low and similar to what the body faces on a regular basis, it’s the delivery in pulses of five to 30 hertz that spurs cells to react. It’s also this low frequency that makes PEMF safe and is not harmful like the waves from an X-ray. These electro magnetic pulses penetrate deep within the skin to activate and energize cells and kickstart their natural repair cycles, replicating and producing healthier cells in the process.


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