Microchanneling is a non-invasive procedure designed to stimulate your body’s own natural ability to generate collagen, elastin, and other building blocks of healthy skin. By stimulating the outermost layers of the skin, Microchanneling can help your body start this process without penetrating living tissue.

ProCell Micro-channeling therapy is the next generation of Micro needling.

The main difference between the two therapies is the type of device used to perform the treatment as well as the technique that is used.

This will be dependant on what skin concern we are treating. 1 -3 treatments may be adequate to achieve your skin goals. 

For scarring, deeper wrinkles or more severe hyperpigmentation 4 – 6 treatments may be needed to achieve your skin goals

There is no limit to the number of treatments you can have if the proper protocol and time in between treatments is followed correctly.

Maintenance of your skin is recommended to protect your treatment investment as the aging process will continue as time passes.

This will depend on the length of the needle used during your treatment. Based on that factor, 2 – 6 weeks in-between sessions are recommended.

Fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven texture and tone, atrophic (depressed) acne scarring, [non-raised] keloid scarring, stretch marks, hair loss, and sun damage, are all conditions that can be improved with Microchanneling.

With minimal physical discomfort, most clients can do the procedure without numbing cream and without any noticeable pain. There is no lingering discomfort, and we have several strategies we employ to minimize discomfort during treatment. Post-procedure, most people report a “tight” feeling in their skin.

Do not apply anything to the skin other than what has been instructed to you by your provider for a minimum of 90 mins. Do not touch the skin with your hands, cellphone or any objects that can transmit bacteria on to the skin. Avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours post treatment. You may use an SPF once the 90 minutes post treatment has passed.

On average it takes approximately 24 – 72 hours for redness and pinprick marks to disappear. Your skin may be a little tight/dry for 5 – 7 days post treatment. Your provider can discuss ways to minimize this or make it comfortable.

There is no straightforward answer to this as everyone reacts differently. The length of the needles used during your treatment will also affect how your skin will react. There is a variety of reactions from no reaction at all to a deep pink/red flush. Slight pinpoint bleeding also can occur and is completely normal. Some people may also experience a little swelling in the treated area. Tightness, itchiness, warmth, sensitivity, general light sunburn feeling/appearance are all normal and indications that your skin is healing and producing youthful collagen!

Some people will see a difference within 2 – 3 weeks with the average time being 4-5 weeks. If you have had a hair restoration treatment, then up to a month is typical for results. 

For more challenging skin concerns or extreme results it would be after 2-3 treatments.

If you have any underlying condition that significantly impairs your immune system, it is a good idea to avoid Microchanneling. Examples include but are not limited to active radiation or chemotherapy, uncontrolled diabetes, chronic inflammatory skin disease, Accutane in the past 2 years, hemophilia or similar bleeding disorder. Also, anyone with stainless steel allergies should not do this treatment. We also discourage treatments for those who are pregnant or nursing. Active Herpes Simplex in the treatment area (treatment is possible once the outbreak has healed, however it may be advisable to take prescription strength antiviral medication to keep this condition in remission during treatment series.) as well as any active fungal bacterial infection. Any active inflammatory skin condition (such as eczema, psoriasis, infection, rash or any type of dermatitis at the treatment site – it may further aggravate the condition)

  1. If you have frequent episodes of cold sores, taking acyclovir or valcyclovir starting one day prior to your Microchanneling will reduce the likelihood of a recurrence due to your treatment.


  1. Discontinue retinol (2% or higher) or tretinoin at least 3 days prior to treatment.


  1. If your liver, kidneys and immune system are healthy, taking an NSAID such as Ibuprofen before treatment may reduce your discomfort.


  1. If possible, please arrive at the office without makeup on, and with a clean face.


  1. If you are being treated for hair loss, please arrive at the office with the shortest haircut possible. Please do not apply sprays or gels to your hair prior to your treatment.

YES! Microchanneling stimulates the body to release peptides, cytokines and growth factors that induce collagen production. As you get older, the stem cells that produce these vital proteins lose efficacy and decline in population, so Microchanneling alone becomes less and less effective. Because of premature aging, the Microchannel Delivery Serum and the post care Cellular Renewal Serum and Healing Accelerator Serum become more vital to improvement. Use of the aftercare products ensure the skin continuously receives potent, robust, pristine peptides, cytokines and growth factors even in between treatments. Think of diet and exercise – Microchanneling without serums is like exercising without dieting. Results can be good with Microchanneling only but are significantly amplified with serums.


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    Microchanneling is a non-invasive CIT (Collagen Production Therapy) treatment with little to no pain with minimal post treatment discomfort.



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