Argireline for Skin

Just Skinn Highlighted Product: ARGIRELINE

Introducing ARGIRELINE!! You may have heard the buzz around this powerful peptide as being a potent wrinkle fighter with amazing anti-aging effects and the closest thing to Botox that you can get without going under the needle.

What is Argireline?
Argireline is the brand name for a synthetic peptide called acetyl hexapeptide-3 (aka acetyl hexapeptide-8).



Okay cool science, how does it work?

In a nutshell a peptide is a short chain of amino acids that are ‘building blocks’ of proteins such as collagen and elastin. There are different types of peptides that affect and assist in building different kinds of proteins within our bodies and synthetic ones can be created to mimic these natural peptides and target specific types of protein development. How Argireline differs from other peptides is its targeted effect on expression wrinkles by reducing muscle movement much like Botox. Although Argireline is not a toxin it does have a similar mechanism of action to Botox.

Botox vs Argireline

Due to the peptide’s effect on nerve to muscle communication the muscles cannot sufficiently contract reducing the formation of wrinkles. Additionally, Argireline also stimulates collagen production needed to smooth out and fill in existing lines and produce firm healthy skin. A bonus effect of Argireline is its ability to retain moisture within the skin. Hydrated skin is healthy and youthful looking skin!

I’m convinced, where can I get some??


The ‘Botox Facial’ is now available at Just Skinn. This facial includes an Argireline mask as it’s main feature and includes an Argireline serum to take home and use as part of your daily routine. This is a fabulous treatment that can be done monthly along with our other anti-aging and skin resurfacing treatments to obtain your perfect skin and keep you looking youthful and glowing!